Data Recovery

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery

    Our engineers use tools which can recover your data even if the hard drive has been reformatted. Our affordable approach allows us to safely recover your data without damaging your media and you can track your data recovery process in real-time on the WEB.
  • Thumb Drive Data Recovery

    In the LAB our engineers use the latest Infra-red rework tools which can lift SMT memory chips from failed thumb drive carriers to a functional platform.
  • E-Mail Recovery

    We support most eMail client software including MS Outlook, Outlook Express and Microsoft Mail.
  • Digital Photo Recovery

    Our Photo Recovery process supports all current digital camera solid state media types and micro-drives. We can recover deleted images even after a format.

The Clone Store Forensic Lab's data recovery team can extract data from most damaged hard drives or storage devices including:

  • Hard Drive crash
  • Power Failure
  • Employee Sabotage
  • Fire and water damage
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Restored/Reformatted Hard Drive
  • Lost partition(S)
  • Flash Memory for Digital Cameras: Compact Flash, SmartMedia...etc
  • Master boot record damage
  • Bad File Allocation Table (FAT)
  • Bad Master File Table (MFT)
  • Floppy disks 3.5", 5.25", 8", 120M SuperDisk, ZIP and JAZ drives, Syquest, CDR/W, Optical, Worm, Iomega others

  • FREE Examination determines if your Hard Drive or Media is a Data Recovery Candidate.
  • FREE Confidential Telephone Consultation. Call toll-free 1.888.505.2566.
  • Monitor your Data Recovery in real-time on the WEB.

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